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51 Christopher Ave - Brooklyn, NY 11212
Middle Academy: 347-390-0550
Elementary Academy: 718-250-5767

Info for Families

We know that the choice you made in coming here is a precious one and we want to make sure that you have a full understanding of the school’s expectations. At Leadership Prep Ocean Hill, we are committed to our students' academic success. We believe that academic excellence is the result of hard work and cooperation between the school, our students' families, and our students. To ensure this hard work and cooperation, we commit to a Covenant of Excellence which describes what the school, our families, and our students are each responsible for to ensure our students' success.

High expectations for students mean high expectations for families -- our most important community partners. We hold families to high expectations, and we assume that they will hold us to equally high standards. 

Families ensure that their children arrive at school on time every day, in uniform, and ready to learn. Families check that students complete their homework each night. They support the school in enforcing the Code of Conduct. Families communicate with the school frequently to share successes and discuss challenges.

Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Charter School

Family Contract


  • I believe that my child’s attendance and timeliness are vitally important to his/her success in school. I will take full responsibility for getting my child to school every day by 7:30 am and understand that 7:31am is always considered tardy.
  • I will make sure that my child has a safe and reliable means of transportation to and from school each day. If my child takes the bus, I will make sure he or she is at the bus stop on time.
  • I will make sure that I am at the bus stop on time to pick up my child. If my child is brought back to the school more than three times a semester, I may lose bussing privileges.
  • I understand that if my child does not take the bus home, he/she will be dismissed by 4:00 pm (Monday – Thursday) and 12:30 pm (Fridays).  Students who are not picked up on time will be brought back to the main office of the school. If students are continuously not picked up on time after school, the school will request a meeting with the student’s parent / guardian. I believe it is vital that I arrive on time to pick up our child.
  • I am fully committed to the full academic calendar and support the idea that my child will have a longer school year.
  • I will not plan family vacations or other extended absences to occur during school time.
  • I will make certain that my child attends school every day, except in cases of an emergency. 
  • I will telephone the school prior to 9:00 a.m. on the day of any absence to report why my child is out.
  • I will not schedule routine doctor and dentist appointments during the school day. Consulting the Leadership Prep Ocean Hill calendar, I will try to schedule appointments on days or at times when school is not in session; or if such an appointment becomes absolutely necessary during school hours, I will return the child to school after the appointment.
  • I will provide notes for any absences more than one day and will provide doctor’s notes for any absence more than three days or for repeated absences.
  • I understand that 20 or more absences without a doctor’s note may require that my child repeat the grade.


  • I understand that Leadership Prep Ocean Hill has high behavioral expectations, and I believe that these expectations are appropriate for my young child. I will make sure that my child learns to live up to the school’s standards.
  • I have read, understand, and support all sections of the Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Code of Conduct including all its rules, rewards, and disciplinary consequences. I understand that my child will be held accountable to every expectation set within.
  • I fully understand that Leadership Prep Ocean Hill maintains a sweat the small stuff environment, and I also understand that my child may lose privileges or receive other disciplinary consequences if my child violates the rules. I will support the school in its efforts to enforce high standards for behavior and citizenship.
  • I understand that my child cannot be excused from mandatory tutoring or in-house suspension unless there is a family emergency.
  • I understand that if my child struggles to comply with school expectations, I may be called to come to the school to sit in my child’s classroom or take him/her home. In the event that I, or a designated adult, cannot come to the school within 2 hours of the request being made, I understand that my child’s behavior may be subject to suspension.
  • I understand that if my child is suspended from school, I will receive a phone call immediately. I understand that it is my responsibility to pick my child up from the school building within 2 hours of receiving the phone call on the day of the offense. If I am unable to be at the school within 2 hours, I will send someone in my place.
  • In the event that my child is suspended from the school, I understand that I will have to accompany my child for a meeting in order for my child to return to classes and/or the bus.
  • I understand that if my child violates the bus rules, my child is subject to a bus suspension lasting a minimum of 2 weeks.


  • I promise that my child will wear the official Leadership Prep Ocean Hill uniform to school each day.
  • I understand that my child is not allowed to substitute the required clothing. Multiple violations of the dress code, even the slightest, will result in my child missing class, being sent home or needing to bring the proper items to school.
  • I will provide an extra change of clothing for my child in case of any accidents. These clothes will include gray sweatpants and a T-Shirt.  In the event that my child has an accident and I have not sent an extra set of clothes to school, I understand that my child may not be provided with clean clothes to wear.


  • I understand that regular homework completion is one of the keys to academic success and a fundamental component of a college-ready curriculum.
  • I understand that my child will have homework in Math, Language Arts, and Reading every night, including weekends. I understand that homework will take my child 45 minutes to an hour to complete nightly.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to see that homework is completed. I will check my child’s homework each night to ensure that it is complete, accurate, and neat. I will sign the homework log every night.
  • I promise to read with my child for at least 20 minutes each night, including weekends and holidays. I promise that I will never sign the reading log unless I have read to my child.
  • I will provide a quiet, undisturbed time and space for the work to be completed.
  • I understand that if my child needs extra help to reach mastery, he/she may be required to stay after school for mandatory tutoring.

Mandatory Family Requirements

  • I understand that I must take my child to the doctor to get his or her immunizations and have the health form signed before the first day of school. I understand that if this form is not signed by a doctor and returned to school, my child will not be able to attend school.
  • I understand that parent conferences and the Report Card Conference are essential to understanding a child’s academic growth, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • I will attend every Report Card Conference meeting, and I will attend all parent-teacher conferences that may be scheduled as needed.
  • I understand that if I fail to meet teachers at the Report Card Conference, I will not receive my child’s report card. I understand that I must reschedule a conference within 24 hours of the missed Report Card Conference. Failure to do so will result in a meeting with the Principal or Dean of Students and Families.
  • I understand that I am required to attend four academic workshops per year.
  • I understand that I may be asked to volunteer at the school for various school activities or back-to-school events.
  • I understand that I am required to attend two school-wide performances per year.

Promotion Policy

  • I understand that Leadership Prep Ocean Hill has tough standards for promotion. It is not automatically assumed that students will pass from one grade to the next: the student must earn promotion by demonstrating mastery of the essential knowledge and skills.
  • I understand that promotion decisions will be based on my child’s grades, standardized test scores, attendance, behavior, homework completion record, and other measures
  • I understand that if my child misses more than 9 days in a school year, has significant behavior problems that result in a lot of missed instruction time, or has persistent trouble completing homework assignments, he/she may be retained.
  • I understand that if my child has an IEP he/she will be promoted to the next grade based on successful completion of the goals of the IEP.  However, students with IEPs who have significant attendance or behavioral problems unrelated to their IEPs may be retained for these reasons.

Family – School Communication

  • I agree to support my child’s academic work by communicating regularly with my child’s teachers. I will return phone calls from school staff within 24 hours.
  • I will attend all conferences to help my child succeed academically.
  • I will read the daily reading and behavior logs, sign them and return them back to school. I will read all updates and memos sent by the school, and I will return all necessary information, permission slips, and surveys immediately.

Family Handbook

  • I will adhere to all guidelines set forth in the Family Handbook.

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NCLB Parent Right to Know

As a Title I school under the No Child Left Behind Act, Leadership Prep Ocean Hill is required to share information on the qualifications of your child’s teacher. This Parent Right to Know information can be found here.